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Happy Hands Art Kids Live Show

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Session date: Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022 02:15 PM
Duration: 40 minutes
Timezone: UTC

What is Art Time LIVE?

Weekly 45 minute LIVE and engaging episodes, where your family can look forward to creating all kinds of things with Happycaz and Arty Aussie. Comment, like, send questions, and join in with the actions too throughout our live sessions! Suits ages 3-10 and anyone else young at heart.

ART does not have to be complicated, it just needs to be fun, process based and bring a smile. We are here to do that. Tune in each week and make some happymess with us!

Art Time LIVE is bringing a beautiful dose of intentional creativity into your homes each week as an opportunity to create as a family together.

Meet Arty Aussie.

Clever, quirky, sharply dressed, history buff, full of ideas and conversation, enjoys nature, guinea pigs, and building epic structures out of almost anything! Meet Arty Aussie. Did you know he is also quite the traveller! I wonder what journey he will take us on this coming season? Have your passports ready, because Arty Aussie is taking us around the world!

Meet Happycaz.

Always finding a reason to be happy! Very colourful, exploding with crafty ideas and fun, Happycaz has a big love of nature, recycling things, singing with the uke, glitter and sparkly things and is very resourceful – in fact, Happycaz just LOVES to make and create things out of anything! There is beauty in everything she sees and you will often see her singing or humming away while creating something with all kinds of bits and pieces. She has some pretty special crafts lined up for this coming series and we can’t wait!

Meet Xander.

Making it all happen behind the scenes… our all in one Mr fix-it! Extremely clever, problem solving high-tech guru, loves gadgets, hot summers, the great outdoors, beach, cycling, surfing and making it all work on our set. Genius. 

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