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Welcome to our creative community where the beautiful process of art and making memories with your family is what matters most.

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Our Mission And Community Impact

‘Happy Hands provides a wonderful creative outlet for children, as well as a community of connecting 

and belonging for the parents’

Our heart has always been in inspiring your families to be creative within your homes and enjoy special moments with your child, in their precious formative years. Over the past 10 years, our programs on-site have continued to build an incredible community of families creating together, treasuring memories of parent/child bonding, shared artworks with family and friends, and have positively fostered a belonging to our inclusive and friendly creative community. Happy Hands artworks made especially by those little ones you love, have been happily displayed within many homes!

There is no denying that in today’s world, children are hugely impacted by technology in their little impressionable minds. So providing this happy, safe and nurturing space for your family to be creatively inspired, encouraged and supported in early developmental years raising children is really valued by us! Art play is a really crucial part of expanding a child’s ability to interact with the world around them and exercise their imagination as a result. We understand that it can be difficult to come up with ideas at home and so our mission through these programs is to support that important journey with your child in a fun and interactive way!

Happy Hands Weekly Live Show

Live and interactive, your family can join in weekly with Happycaz & Arty Aussie creating together!

Creative weekly fun, easy-to-follow 45 min online episodes that will soon become a special highlight of your family’s week.

Around the World Series Season 1 – coming soon!

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The Happymess starts here...

 Art doesn’t have to be complicated at all. Our fun, easy interactive teaching style aims to guide children to create as they feel and not question whether they are doing it right! Process art can be so freeing and encourage happy confidence in what they are creating. You will see a lot of that around here in this space in at our sites, no rules around making it right, just lots of invitations to create!

A non-for-profit organization and award winning program, Happy Hands is aimed toward 1-10 year olds, and anyone young at heart. We are passionate about providing fun, inspiring and structured creative art experiences via our live online platforms, locations around Australia and themed craft kits for kids

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