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Sharing a little happymess in the world.

Welcome to our family and kids creative community!

Subscribe to our Youtube Channel HAPPY HANDS ART FOR KIDS , join an interactive zoom class for EASY WATERCOLOUR FOR KIDS, book in to an ONSITE HAPPY HANDS LOCATION, or join a monthly CHAT, CHILL & PAINT WATERCOLOUR RELAXATION zoom class. We love to make creating with your families a special part of your week.

Happy Hands Art Time Locations

Join in with our art programs designed for toddlers aged 1-6! Delight in a world of imagination and creativity, where your little artists will flourish and memories will be made. Our sessions offer sensory exploration, craft time, a healthy snack to keep their tummies happy and self-paced activities, nurturing your child’s development every step of the way. Come and celebrate with them the joy of artistic expression in a process-oriented environment, encouraging their own ideas and not being focused on the outcome.

As a non-profit organization, we prioritize affordability for our families and charge only $9+gst per session per child for a whole 8-10 week term. Limited spaces are available at each location, check out where we are running one near you.

We understand the value of quality time, so we invite you to come and make some happymess with your child and make it a favourite time of your week together! Don’t miss out!

Happy Hands Youtube Channel

Create along with us at home with Happycaz and Arty Aussie

Check out our kids YouTube channel aimed from 2-10, and anyone else young at heart, where positive screen time meets arty crafty fun! Happycaz also loves to share watercolour tutorials especially for your kids!

Arty Aussie and Happycaz are bursting with fun and creativity a have a clever knack for creating some awesome crafts. 🎨✂️ Get ready for art projects your kids will love creating, as they embark on exciting journeys – New season coming soon!

🌟 With Arty Aussie and Happycaz as their guides, your little ones will explore different cultures, landmarks, and traditions through creating art together. Each episode is a burst of vibrant colors and imaginative ideas that will ignite their creativity in the comfort of your own home.

Take a peek too on where Arty Aussie’s adventurers take him through a red door!

Happy Hands LIVE Watercolour Workshops

 LIVE Zoom classes for kids

Calling all young creative minds! Get ready for a splash of watercolour fun as we invite you to join our vibrant watercolour community! Happycaz will turn your screen into a colourful canvas with out easy-to-follow and personlized online beginner watercolour workships via zoom. For homeschool groups, kindergartens, special needs, and everyone in between – our sessions are tailored to embrace the unique creativity of each participant. We believe in making art accessible to all, so don’t let cost be a barrier to your family! You can join our zoom sessions for a donation of your choice. Whether your child is just starting out, our workshops encourage kids to learn at their own pace and embrace their own ideas. No need to worry about perfection here! It is all about the joy of expressing oneself through the process of painting. See you in a session soon!

Happy Hands School Holidays

School Holiday Classes running these June Holidays at Emerald QLD – Don’t Miss Out!

Join us for a week of creative fun at our Happymess Kids Art Program for special 1-week school holiday events! Discover art together with your little ones and create unforgettable memories together each day. Engage in sensory time, where little hands can explore various colours and textures sparking their imaginations! Creativity knows no bounds in our sessions and we encourage each child to enjoy the process along the way! We also offer a healthy snack time that ensures they refuel their artistic energy and enjoy a few yummy and healthy treats. Most importantly, you can enjoy some special creative bonding time each day for the week. We really look forward to welcoming you to our fun and vibrant environment that guarantees lots of creative spark and smiles!

June 24th, 26th and 28th at 10am – book for all three sessions.

Happy Hands Kids Art & Craft Packs

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Create along with us at home with Happycaz and Arty Aussie!

Are you and your little ones ready for an immersive creative experience with HappyCaz and Arty Aussie? We have fun kids craft kits ✂️🎉 Join us on a crafting journey with us as we introduce 20 fantastic crafts designed for your young little Picasso for each uploaded season with us.

Say hello to our awesome Kids Craft Pack – a box to with a world of artistic fun to have right in the comfort of your home. Packed with love and loaded with all the supplies you need, these craft packs are a game-changer, making creativity hassle-free! Your child will love unboxing their craft kit for each episode, discovering lots of fun materials to create their own unique masterpieces with us.

The best part? All of this crafting joy is yours for just $59 plus postage. Make creating together a special part of your week and precious memories together as a family.

Happy Hands Nature Art - tutorials coming soon!

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Mission and Community Impact

We put our heart into inspiring your kids to be creative within your homes and treasure these special moments in their precious formative years. Over the past 10 years, our Kids Art Classes on-site have continued to build an incredible community of families creating together, parent/child bonding, sharing kids artworks with family and friends, and have positively fostered a belonging to our inclusive and friendly creative community both onsite and online and through social media platforms.

 Art and sensory play is a crucial part of expanding a child’s ability to interact with the world around them! Our mission through our art programs, is to support that important journey with your child in a fun and interactive way. 

We LOVE being inspired by nature. When we make time to go outside, stop and notice things around us, there are all kinds of interesting objects that we can use to make some beautiful pictures! Encouraging kids to get outside and explore the natural world around them is so important for their growth, learning experiences and appreciation of things around them. Happycaz will give ideas, inspiration and help your child think outside the box on what is possible with everyday nature objects. Online workshops coming soon!

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