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Kids Watercolour Art Therapy Classes

Come and join in with Happycaz to learn how using beautiful watercolours can be incredibly relaxing, fun and soothing. Your child will learn ways to express themselves, try new things and be encouraged to embrace lots of happymess in these 1 hour sessions.


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  1. Clare

    ‘My girls have loved the Happy Hands classes so much. Caz teaches them it’s OK make mistakes and they have gained so much confidence in watercolour techniques, within a great supportive group. They have created some wonderful art works and bookmarks and are able to experiment with all the techniques they have learnt.’

  2. Tania

    ‘The water painting classes have brought more than art to our home. They have brought joy, relaxation and a true sense of achievement. My girls 7 and 11 have begun to embrace their whoopsies and are begging to accept them as a wonderful part of the art process. As am I! Thank you Happy Hands Team’

  3. Melissa

    ‘My children attended a painting session yesterday and loved it. We are booked in for the next two. Highly recommended’

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